NLL Rules

Rosters: 23 man roster, each team dresses 18 players for games (16 runners and two goalies). A team shall be composed of six (6) players on the floor, 5 runners and one goalie

Time Format: Four 15-minute quarters; two minutes between quarters; 12 minute halftime.

Time Outs: Each team may take two 45-second timeouts per half. A TV game has one timeout per half.

Sudden Death Overtime: Games ending regulation play with a tie score are decided by a sudden death overtime period. Play continues until a goal is scored. More than one overtime period is played if necessary.

10 Second Violation: Occurs when team on offense fails to advance the ball past midfield within 10 seconds after taking possession at their end.

Face-Offs: To determine possessions at the start of each quarter and after every goal, two players face their sticks at midfield with a referee placing the ball between the heads of the sticks.

Shot Clock: A 30-second clock begins (counting down) when a team assumes possession of the ball. The offensive team must put a shot on goal during that time or they will lose possession. If they do shoot on goal (without scoring) and recover possession of the ball (via rebound/loose ball recovery), the clock is reset for a new 30 seconds